Best Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews

Nail fungal infections, medically known as Onychomycosis, are a pretty common occurrence and can be quite a painful and annoying experience. The best toenail fungus treatment should be a preventive one. This involves recognizing the symptoms early on and taking measures to stop the spread of the infection to other nails on the affected hand or foot.

It is a commonly held misconception that fungal infections on fingernails or toenails are only caused by poor hygiene. In reality, up to 10% of the general populace and as much as 20% of the population aged over 60 years suffer from nail fungus infections. These infections are usually caused in otherwise healthy people by fungus growth due to prolonged exposure to a moist environment.

Often times, communal showers and even salons offering manicure and pedicure services with inadequately sanitized equipment can spread nail fungus. Athletes and ballet dancers who spent hours with their feet tucked into sweaty socks and shoes are especially susceptible to toenail fungus. Elderly people, on the other hand, are more prone to toenail fungal infections usually due to a weakened immune system.

The symptoms of fungal infections on nails are easy to spot but also just as easy to mistake. An abnormality in the usual appearance of the nail may be caused by any number of reasons. These include infections caused by bacteria under the nail or even skin infection of the cuticle.

Nail fungal infections are usually accompanied by discoloration and pain. The infection usually starts at the bottom of the nail and raises the nail upwards. There are a number of nail fungus treatments available in the market. If you are suffering from toenail infection and are looking for solutions, read through our review to find out about the best toenail fungus medication.

Top 7 Nail Fungus Treatments: Product Reviews


Evagloss Anti-Fungal Pen

Evagloss Anti-Fungal Pen Review

This particular brand of nail fungus fighting agent is highly effective and works to restore the natural shine and healthy look back to the fungus affected nails. This powerful formula has been thoroughly tested for proven results in killing nail fungus on both toenails and fingernails. Visible improvements can be seen within weeks.

The clear liquid applies easily with the included brush applicator and dries quickly for a no mess treatment. It needs to be applied three times a day and visible results start to appear within 2-4 weeks.

  • Easy to apply
  • Very effective for most people when regularly applied
  • Quite fast acting

  • The blanket looks cheap
  • The applicator may break


Funginix Toenail Fungus Treatment

Funginix Toenail Fungus Treatment Review

The Funginix Toenail Fungus Treatment is a topical solution that contains a variety of ingredients all of which have fungus fighting properties. This product is a clinically tested and proven fungus killer. It effectively combats toenail fungus and promotes the growth of healthy nail in an environment that actively destroys any chance of fungal growth.

The solution contains a mix of ingredients comprising of naturally occurring oils as well as artificially produced chemicals. These include antifungal undecylenic acid, tea tree oil, menthol, lavender oil, camphor, etc. This extensive list of antifungal components produces a potent solution with a maximized ability to kill any fungal growth.

  • Contains a range of antifungal ingredients
  • Highly effective solution
  • Affordable cure

  • Requires strict application for effectivity
  • Positive results take a while to come about
  • Regenerative properties are not very effective


Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash Review

Tea tree oil is the best nail fungus treatment available naturally. This Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash is an extra powerful solution, containing a range of essential oils. These ingredients have natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that help combat all kinds of infections.

This product contains a blend of tea tree oil as the main component combined with six other essential oils. This ensures that it is capable of not only fighting fungus infections but also skin irritation and body odor.

You can use Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash daily in the shower or a bath. The body wash can be applied with a washcloth or loofah while taking a bath. In case a particular area of the body, such as the nails, requires special application due to infection, ensure that the oil sits for 10 seconds before you wash it off.

  • Promotes regrowth of healthy nails
  • Very effective in combating body odor
  • Regular application ensures healthy and soft skin

  • May not suit every skin type
  • Requires prolonged use for effectivity
  • Does not create any suds


100% Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

100% Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

This particular brand of Tea Tree oil is graded AAA+ and is 100% pure and unadulterated in order to ensure maximum efficiency. It contains a high concentration of Terpinen. This unaltered and non-diluted product works as an antifungal agent for all genders and ages.

Tea tree essential oil is a natural disinfectant, possessing antiseptic and antifungal properties. It works on both fungal infection and acne. Its application requires a simple dab on the affected area with a wad of cotton that has been soaked with the oil.

  • Undiluted tea tree essence works best on toenail fungus
  • Can be used as an antibacterial and antifungal cleaning agent for laundry
  • Can be used as an antiseptic home cleaner

  • The smell may not be good
  • The concentration of Terpinen may not be high enough
  • Maybe slow acting on some cases of nail fungus


Gold Mountain Beauty Fungal Nail Eliminator

Gold Mountain Beauty Fungal Nail Eliminator Review

This fungal nail eliminator comes with a brush applicator that allows it to be applied like an antifungal nail polish. This ensures better reach during application. Daily use can return visible improvement in a few days. It contains both natural and artificial ingredients, such as Tolnaftate and Puredia natural SeaBerry Oil.

Tolnaftate is a clinically proven antifungal agent while SeaBerry Oil has regenerative properties that promote hydration and cell regeneration. Both of these components when combined form the perfect solution to kill toenail fungal infection and encourage the growth of new healthy nails. This product is available for purchase both online and orc in most medicine stores.

  • Kills fungus growth as well as promotes healthy nail regrowth
  • Fast acting solution
  • Anti-inflammatory properties maintain skin health

  • May cause abrasion to the skin
  • May not work for some people
  • May cause allergic reaction


Nail Antifungal Treatment

Nail Antifungal Treatment Review

This powerful toenail fungus cure has both antibacterial and antifungal properties. The solution works to prevent nail fungus by penetrating deep underneath the affected nail to kill any persisting fungal infection at the root. It also works to keep the surrounding skin healthy in order to hasten the process of cure.

Its antiseptic properties ensure the prevention of further infections in the future. As the instructions on the packaging suggest, the solution in the first bottle needs to be applied in an even coat on the affected area.

After allowing it to be absorbed properly for 3-5 minutes, the liquid in the second bottle needs to be applied in the same manner. Both bottles have to be used every day.

  • Specifically for the purpose of curing toenail fungus
  • Strong antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Helps regeneration of new nail

  • The applicator is not very effective
  • Maybe too slow acting
  • Not very effective for some


Organica Nail Guardian

Organica Nail Guardian Review

The Organica Nail Guardian is a potent blend comprising of a variety of natural oils with antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. This product works to combat fungus infections in nails while also restoring the quality of the skin surrounding it and promoting new nail growth.

Due to its composition comprising of natural ingredients, this product acts as a natural rejuvenate. It strengthens nails while also soothing dry and irritated cuticles. It contains tea tree oil, lavender oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, etc, along with a few other manufactured chemicals.

  • Its antifungal properties are quite effective
  • It is also very fast acting for some
  • It smells good on application

  • May not be fast acting enough for some
  • May not be as effective for everyone
  • Comparatively more expensive


The removal of toenail fungus has never been easier done to the sheer variety of antifungal and antiseptic over-the-counter (OTC) products that one can opt for. But if you are boggled by the number of choices available, you need not panic. Our carefully curated list provided in this article is pretty comprehensive.

The aforementioned are some of the best toenail fungus cure products that are easily available across online stores. The listed products vary from ones containing 100% naturally occurring ingredients to ones that contain a blend of both natural oils and manufactured chemicals.

Some are even composed fully of artificially generated chemicals. While for some people artificial chemicals are more effective others may find natural essential oils to be a better fit. You can opt for any of these fungus treatment options depending upon your particular preferences.

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