Top 5 Hemp Creams for Pain Relief

Many people know that hemp, or cannabis, has been and still is used as a pain reliever. Sometimes, this plant is included in lotions, and if you’re searching for the best hemp cream against pain, you came to the right place! We have not only a list of best selling creams with hemp but also a buyer’s guide, to help you identify the product best suited for you.

Types of Hemp Creams

There are a few types of hemp cream used to calm down your pain. Let’s learn a bit about them!

Hot and cold hemp cream

The name of this cream comes from the sensation one has a few moments after applying the product. The spot can feel both hot and cold at the same time. The sensations are given by the ingredients. For instance, menthol and eucalyptus will feel cold and capsicum will feel hot or even burning,depending on the quantity.

These creams will contain all of these plants. These can be combined with other substances for a more intense perception. Such creams will be better used when pain and inflammation occur.

Vegan (or not) hemp cream

Some hemp creams may contain emu oil, and vegans will want to stay away from those ones. Emu oil comes from the bird by the same name and has been used as a pain reliever. It’s no wonder some manufacturers would use it in their products, making them not suitable for use by vegans.

Regardless of these creams being made with emu oil or not, you should still check if the hemp pain relief cream was tested on animals or not. This aspect is not always mentioned on the product, but it’s relatively easy to find out.

Also in our previous articles you may study all the necessary information about hemp oil.

5 Best-Selling Hemp Cream

Let’s have a look at some of the best selling creams with hemp used to relieve pain.


Kaizedo Hempactiv Pain Relief Cream

Kaizedo Hempactiv Pain Relief Cream

One of the first things to know about this cream is that it is a Canadian product. Additionally, it contains cocoa seed powder, unlike the other products on this list. You might like it if you don’t want to use a cream with a strong scent.

Most people using this product felt the pain diminishing right away, with the effect lasting for a few hours. One of the best attributes of this product is that according to the list of ingredients, it contains no animal-derived substances, whereas many others do.

  •     Almost no scent
  •     Vegan-friendly

  •     Doesn’t contain aloe


Pain Relief Corporation Hemp Cream

Pain Relief Corporation Hemp Cream

This cream is not only good for when various body parts hurt, but also when you have bruises. There’s also aloe vera among the ingredients used, and this product is known to soothe burns and irritated skin.

The company didn’t use ingredients that could cause allergies nor harmful chemicals such as dyes or silicones. You should be warned that this is a very small jar as it only contains 2 oz of product.

Some folks like this hemp pain cream because leaves the skin hydrated and soft. Most of them also noticed how fast it gets absorbed while leaving no oily residue.

  •     Contains no allergens
  •     Faint scent

  •     No hot/cold sensation


Arvesa Hemp Pain Relief Cream

Arvesa Hemp Pain Relief Cream

Those who are searching for a vegan friendly hemp cream should look for other options, as this one contains emu oil. Despite this aspect, the company promises there was no cruelty involved in the making or testing of the product.

All the ingredients were selected for their properties to relieve or soothe pain. Some of the ingredients also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Arnica Montana, camphor and MSM are a few of the other substances that help combat discomfort caused by pain. Just like many other similar creams, this one also gets absorbed fast into the skin.

  •     Faint camphor and menthol scent

  •     Not for vegans
  •     Also contains preservatives


Ramina Natural Hemp Extract Pain Relief Cream

Ramina Natural Hemp Extract Pain Relief Cream

This cream is recommended for relieving pain in both muscles and joints, no matter what causes it. The joints can be your elbows, knees or even your spine. Those suffering from  fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel pain and pain due to damaged nerves will also find relief after using this product.

People have used this hemp cream for arthritis on their sprained ankles as well with the pain being soothed within minutes. Swelling also goes away after using this cream. There are fewer ingredients in this product compared to others, but all of them are used for relieving pain.

  •     Minimal smell

  •     Not vegan-friendly


Zatural Hemp Hot Cream

Zatural Hemp Hot Cream

Some creams leave either a hot or a cold sensation after use. This one can make you feel both hot and cold, thanks to its ingredients. The cream contains among others oils of peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus leaf that give a cooling sensation. The hot sensation comes from the black pepper oil and capsicum fruit oleoresin.

You should know that this cream doesn’t actually become hot, but more warm, unlike other similar products. It is not only good to relieve painful or sore muscles and joints, but can also help fight cellulite.

  •     Good body wrap to fight cellulite

  •     FDA didn’t evaluate the claims on the package

Hemp Cream for Pain Relief Buyer’s Guide

There are some things you should be aware of before buying any hemp pain relief lotion or cream.


Most products usually get tested by the FDA. These hemp creams also get tested and they’re labeled as such. However the tests are not always done to determine if the product does what the manufacturers claim it does. In most cases, the mention that FDA

Hemp VS Marijuana (Weed)

Most people will say that marijuana and hemp are one and the same plant, and use the terms interchangeably. You’ll also come across articles and people who will make a clear distinction between the two. Those who differentiate the two plants will say that “hemp” is the plant used to make textiles, while marijuana is the one used for drugs.(2) What’s more, is that in the USA, the 2018 Farm Bill clearly separates hemp and marijuana as different plants. (3)

Hemp oil VS CBD oil

These terms are even more confusing. Hemp oil is basically the same thing as hemp seed oil, a product that can be ingested as is, or used in cooking or in various beauty products. One obtains it by crushing the seeds of the plant. On the other hand, CBD is also referred to as hemp extract, and is obtained in a different manner. (2)

Given that the terms are used as synonyms, you can’t really be sure which substance you’re getting. But we can make things easier:

  •     if the oil has less than 0.3% THC, it’s considered “hemp oil”
  •     any concentration above 0.3% THC will turn the oil into “marijuana” oil. (3)

Other ingredient

From the presentation of the best creams with hemp you can easily see that not all the products are made the same way. If you’re allergic to something or you don’t want to use certain ingredients, it’s best to check the complete list of ingredients before buying. On the same note, some of the creams contain more ingredients than others.


There’s something not everyone mentions, but not everyone responds the same way to the same product. This means that while the cream might work for someone, it may not work for you. What’s more, the item could be effective for one type of pain, let’s say muscle pain, but not for another type of pain, like for the joints.

Who should buy and use it

It’s no news that most people wouldn’t ask for a hemp or CBD cream to calm pain in their knees or other body parts. This is most likely due to the plant being highly controversial because of how addictive marijuana is. It goes as no wonder that it’s best not to give any hemp oil cream for pain to children for their systems are not yet fully developed. This means children can get addicted faster or easier to it than adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these products legal?

All these creams are legal. No product containing CBD or THC can be sold on well known online marketplaces. Such products can only be bought on the websites of their manufacturers. Even then, depending on where you live and your region’s laws, you may not be able to purchase them.

Will I get high?

You can’t get high when using this cream because it doesn’t contain CBD or THC, as mentioned earlier. In fact, you could get a high if you used a cream containing THC. You get high when your brain gets affected by the substance, and it can only do so if the ingredients in the cream reach your bloodstream. (1)

How do I know if it works?

You will know if it works or not only when you use it. There’s no scientific research to support the claim that CBD is useful against pain. It’s possible that when a hemp cream for pain relief is used, it’s actually actually one of the other ingredients that have an effect. (1)


If you were to ask us for a recommendation, we would have to go with the Zatural Hemp Hot Cream. We like it because of the hot and cold feeling left on the skin. This cream can also be used to fight unwanted body fat and it also doesn’t contain animal derived ingredients. It contains many extracts from plants known to combat pain in muscles and joints.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you’ll experience less pain after using one of the suggested creams.


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