Best Vitamin C Serum for Acne

If you’re searching for the best Vitamin C serum for its antioxidant properties, then you found a really good starting point for your research. Not only do we have a list of products that helped many people, but we also talk a bit about the properties of the Vitamin C and the several ways it can help you.

The secrets of the Vitamin C serum

You probably know already that our bodies need Vitamin C to work properly and stay healthy. A lack of Vitamin C leads to scurvy, which untreated can be fatal. The skin also needs this vitamin.

It’s not just the beauty bloggers that praise Vitamin C serums for their benefits, but dermatologists as well. This vitamin is well known as an antioxidant and helps the body produce more collagen. At the same time, it can help fight the signs of aging, fix the damage caused by the sun, at least partially, and prevent further sun damage. However, for the best results, don’t ignore the sunscreen.

A serum containing Vitamin C is pretty strong and this means a little quantity will go a long way. Depending on the formula, it should be used once every 2 or 3 days. The results might also appear at a different rate, but generally it’s within 3 or 4 weeks since the first application.

How to use

You might think that eating the fruits and vegetables that contain high doses of Vitamin C or taking supplements, would be enough. However, the reality is a bit different, as not enough of it reaches the skin. Using a Vitamin C oil for face in a topical manner however, is a much more effective approach to obtaining the desired results.

The rule of thumb is to use this serum after you cleaned and toned your face, and to use a moisturiser after it. Most people can use it, however those with a hypersensitive skin might get an irritated skin because of it. For this purpose, a patch test is recommended 24 hours before starting to use on the face. The forearm is a good place for the allergy test.

Most people use the serum twice a day, usually in the morning and the evening. Most products have instructions on how they should be used, and it’s best to follow those instead. This has something to do with the formula of each serum.


As mentioned, the results will be noticeable within a month, but you might want to take pictures of the area before using it, as well as after a week or two. This will help you see if the product helps or not. There are both positive and negative effects of using such a substance, and we’ll start with the positive ones.

This serum made wonders for many people using it. Their skin was brighter and firmer, and the fine lines were greatly reduced. Additionally, the tone of the skin was more even for those with red spots or areas, that were caused by acne.

Not everyone was as lucky though. Those with negative results experienced a sudden breakout on the area used, more redness, or simply no change at all. This could be due to a wrong dosage for their skin type and problems.

Pay attention to this

Most serums with Vitamin C for skin may contain other substances meant to improve the appearance of your skin. This means you would not need to use extra doses of those chemicals. Depending on your needs and preferences, many other active ingredients can be used alongside the serum with Vitamin C. The only one that is incompatible is niacinamide which basically nulles te effects of the serum.

You should stop applying the serum if the liquid in the bottle changed its color or darkened. This color change is due to oxidizing and the serum is not as effective anymore. In most cases it is still safe to use, though.

Products to consider

It’s time we had a look at some of the best serums with Vitamin C currently available on the market. Each item comes with a few pros and cons that will surely help you choose the product wisely.


TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum Review
The TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum boosts up collagen production which results in a more rejuvenated skin. The serum is cruelty-free certified and can be used on sensitive skin thanks to the lack of synthetic additives and fragrance.

Made with a combination of botanical hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, the product is said to improve the appearance of wrinkles and add firmness to a dull complexion. This serum also contains aloe vera, witch hazel, and jojoba oil which brighten up the skin. This Vitamin C oil is a product that can be used during the day or at night as part of your daily routine.

  • Certified cruelty free
  • Good on sensitive skin

  • Not potent
  • Can cause dry skin


TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C-Plus Super Serum

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C-Plus Super Serum Review
This Vitamin C serum is said to promote a healthier, more glowing looking skin as well as reverse sun damage. Made with 98% natural ingredients and completely cruelty-free, the serum could be a good option for people with sensitive skin, though some customers complained it’s too strong for them.

The mix of vitamin C with retinol and hyaluronic acid makes this serum more potent than other similar products. This TruSkin Naturals serum also contains rosehip oil and aloe vera, well known for their soothing properties. Due to this product being more concentrated than others, it is recommended to be used only 2 to 3 times a week.

  • More concentrated
  • Contains retinol

  • Not to be used on redder areas
  • Not for sensitive skin


ArtNaturals Anti-Aging-Set

ArtNaturals Anti-Aging-Set Review
The ArtNaturals Anti-Aging-Set is the ideal combination if your skin looks dull or lacks firmness. The Vitamin C serum helps improve sun damage with added ingredients like Vitamin E and jojoba oil, while the 2.5% retinol serum brightens the skin and has anti-ageing properties. Finally, the hyaluronic serum hydrates and plumps up the skin, making it look younger, so it’s easy to see that here you have the best Vitamin C moisturizer.

You can incorporate these serums into your daily routine by applying the Vitamin C serum first, the hyaluronic serum second and the retinol serum last. Some previous customers complained about the products being cloudy or causing breakouts.

  • A set of 3 products

  • Can cause breakouts


Dr. Benner Vitamin C serum

 Dr. Benner Vitamin C serum Review
The Vitamin C serum made by Dr. Benner contains 20% pure vitamin C, along with a combination of vitamin E, ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid for improved hydration and soothing. This product is paraben free so it can be used by any skin type and is said to minimize fine lines while brightening up your complexion.

You can apply around 5 drops of this serum daily after cleansing and before your moisturizer. While some customers reported a strong smell caused by the ferulic acid, others were not bothered by it. Due to the strong content of l-ascorbic acid, you may want to build up your tolerance first by using the serum every other day.

  • Free of parabens

  • A bit too strong for some folks


LilyAna Naturals Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

LilyAna Naturals Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid Review
This organic Vitamin C serum by LilyAna Naturals is blended with hyaluronic acid for improved results. The  serum fights acne, dark spots and the signs of ageing, and also contains vitamin E which brightens up the skin.

If you are a vegan, you can safely use it as the product is has a cruelty-free certification. If you want to start a Vitamin C skincare routine, do know that the serum is also safe enough to be used around the eye area, and daily on your face or under your makeup. No parabens or artificial colouring was used in this serum, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

  • Good around the eyes
  • Vegan friendly
  • Good for all ages

  • May have adverse reactions when combined with Retin A
  • Some people might see no difference


InstaNatural Vitamin C Skin Clearing Serum

InstaNatural Vitamin C Skin Clearing Serum Review
The InstaNatural Vitamin C serum contains a variety of potent ingredients that fight acne and improve skin complexion. Made with retinol which has anti-aging properties, and a blend of salicylic acid and beta hydroxy acid, this product not only minimizes existent blemishes but also prevents acne from resurfacing.

This serum is made without any artificial coloring, parabens or mineral oil and without animal testing, making it a suitable choice for vegans. While some customers mentioned their skin becoming more oily while using this serum, most found it to absorb quickly without leaving any trace.

  • Not tested on animals
  • Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals

  • May leave an oily sensation on the skin


Eva Naturals Vitamin B3 Serum

Eva Naturals Vitamin B3 Serum Review
The producer of this serum used only natural ingredients, with some of them being organic. Among the ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid, avocado, and Aloe leaf juice, are the main weapons against the signs of aging, enlarged pores, and an uneven skin tone. This serum will help the skin create more collagen and can prevent acne from forming.

It may seem like this is not a Vitamin C serum, like the others, but it does contain citric acid. If for some people all the above suggestions might be too strong, this one might be best skin serum.

  • Contains Aloe and avocado
  • Good around the eyes

  • Not an actual Vitamin C serum

Instead of a conclusion

We hope that at this point you know more about the serum with Vitamin C, and why everyone uses it for a younger skin. We also hope that this presentation helped you form an opinion on it, and that it will be helpful if you decide to make a purchase. Do you agree with our list, or should we have included other items?

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