Best Bath Bombs 2018

Bath bombs became very popular in recent years as products that help us relax and smell nicer if we use them in our baths. If you’re searching for the best smelling bath bombs currently available, we have some suggestions for you. We’ll give you reasons to buy them, but also some warnings regarding their let downs. And if you really don’t know how to choose one, we also prepared a short guide.

How are they all similar?

Most bath bombs are shaped like a ball. They all contain essential oils, baking soda, citric acid. These are the ingredients that make them smell nice and fizz when in contact with water. The next common ingredients are colorants and dried flowers or glitter. These usually decorate your bath water, though they might be more difficult to clean.

What sets them apart?

Size, price, as well as the type of ingredients are the main differences among various bath bombs. To stand out or to make their products more appealing, many manufacturers use organic materials, try to stay away from most chemicals and testing on animals. Some even make their bombs for bathing by hand, and this can be true for small companies. There are lower quality bath bombs out there that use a variety of non-organic ingredients or test on animals. These may also not smell as nice as the organic ones we talked about.

Are there any dangers?

Even with the coolest bath bombs there are some side effects you should keep an eye open for. Red skin is one of the most serious side effect encountered by some folks after using such products. The reaction is generally given by the essence used instead of essential oil as these 2 ingredients are different. People with light hair might discover their hair colored in the bath. Other people might discover their tub tinted after using these.

Let’s not forget that children should be supervised while bathing, especially when there’s a toy hiding in the ball shaped bath salt. There have been cases in which users got small cuts while holding the fizzy bath bomb or due to the glitter found in some products.
Which do I choose?
It’s highly recommended to get products that are made of organic or natural ingredients, as they’ll come in contact with your skin. If you have a sensitive skin, you can be more confident these products won’t irritate it.

Some of them are designed for children, as some brands included a small toy to be discovered. You can also check out the gift sets available as you get the chance of trying more scents, gift them, or simply have them for longer.

These are some really good products

Let’s have a quick look at some of the most liked bath bombs at the moment.


LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Review

In this set of 12 bath bombs, each ball is individually wrapped, and each of them has a different scent and color scheme. They’re created with normal and dry skin types in mind, and as such they should leave your skin moisturized and soft. What’s more, these bath bombs were thought out with children in mind, making the products that more safe to use.

FDA approved colorants have been used in these items, and as such your water will change its color too. Some of the balls contain glitter, so be aware of this aspect if you don’t want to sparkle. All in all, these are some of the prettiest bath bombs on the market.

  • Wrapped in paper

  • Some contain glitter


Amor Bath Bombs Bath Bombs

Amor Bath Bombs Bath Bombs Review

This gift set of 6 bath bombs includes differently colored items that will make your child’s bath a lot more fun. Each of these bombs has a surprise inside and colors the bath water without staining the tub. They also feature funny animal pictures on each bath bomb, and are organic which makes them perfectly safe to use for kids.

Children of any gender can use these bombs, regardless of their age. Each of the items is made in the US and weighs between 4.5 and 5 oz. Although they do not make bubbles, these bath bombs gift set moisturize your skin. Some of these include glitter which can remain on your skin after use.

  • Good for the skin

  • No essential oils


Two Sisters Spa Bath Bomb

Two Sisters Spa Bath Bomb Review

This Superhero big blue bath bomb will moisturize your skin and release a berry scent when added to the bath water. The bath bomb will turn the water blue without staining the tub. It is made with vegan ingredients resulting in a safer experience regardless of the age of your child.

Each of these bath bombs contains a surprise inside, such as mini-figures of your kid’s favorite superhero. Most of the ingredients in this bath bomb are natural, which makes them safe to use even for sensitive skins. Each item weighs about 5 oz and is made in Minnesota.

Because there is a toy inside, make sure you don’t let children under the age of 3 to play with the product. Even older children should be supervised. Some folks found the scent too strong.

  • Pretty big bath bomb
  • Very fragrant
  • Contains witch-hazel

  • Just 1 bath bomb
  • Toy may be missing or wrong


I Am Happy Bath Bombs

I Am Happy Bath Bombs Review

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a kid, have a look at this set of bath bombs. The gift set contains 6 different bath bombs that come in different scents for your kid to enjoy. The items all include a sea animal toy inside as a surprise, and are suitable for children starting with age 3 up to 7.

These seem to be pretty popular bath bombs among the kids, but not all the parents share the feeling. The biggest disappointment comes from the toys being too small or not having all the parts. Although the bath bomb colors the bath water, it does not leave any residue. Each of the bomb is individually wrapped and contains mostly natural ingredients, including organic essential oils.

  • Leaves no residue
  • Little toy inside

  • Toy is too small
  • They contain phthalates


Regalia Pro Bath Bombs

Regalia Pro Bath Bombs Review

This set of bath bombs make the ideal gift for any child or adult. There are 12 items in this gift box, and each of them come in a different specific flavor that makes bath time more fun. The balls are also colored differently, with some having a single color while others having a mix of colors.

The products are organic and made with natural ingredients that soothe the skin and moisturize it for a fresher look. Some of the bath bombs contain flower petals, glitter and color, however they will not stain your bathtub. Each of them weighs about 5 oz and is about the size of a tennis ball.

Their perfume is pretty strong, at least in the beginning, though not everyone might like it. There have been reports of the smell fading fast.

  • Organic
  • Large bath bombs

  • They lose scent fast


Oliver Rocket Bath Bombs

Oliver Rocket Bath Bombs Review

The Oliver Rocket Bath Bomb Set features 6 large bath bombs in natural, calming or refreshing scents like lavender, grapefruit or rose. The bath bombs are made with Shea butter and coconut oil that nourish your skin, leaving it smooth, but also with baking powder that cleanses.

Each of the items is individually wrapped and weighs 4.5 oz. These bath bombs will fizz when added to the bath water which provides a more relaxing experience. The set is fully vegan and cruelty free, with all of the bath bombs being handmade in US.

  • Cruelty free

  • Individually wrapped in plastic


Sky Organics Bath Bombs

Sky Organics Bath Bombs Review

The gift set of bath bombs imagined by Sky Organics contains 6 balls that weigh 5 oz each. At this weight, they’re the size of a tennis ball. They also contain organic coconut oil and essential oils, which contain scents such as roses, lavender, and lemon.

Some users noted that the balls were very fragrant, while others said they didn’t have the strong scent they hoped for. Few other users were disappointed in their color, as they didn’t seem to be too different in this regard.

  • They don’t stain the tub

  • Not much bubbles


Clear and Fresh Bath Bombs

Clear and Fresh Bath Bombs Review

In this gift set you’ll discover 22 balls of different fragrances. 10 of them weigh 3.5 oz and are dual color. The other 12 weigh 2.2oz and are single color. Despite being colorful and changing the water’s color as well, the tub won’t become stained.

These products are cruelty free as they don’t even contain harmful ingredients that would require testing. They’re also handcrafted, using green processes. These come in a plastic container, not wrapped individually, and this can make them have the same scent. The balls in this set are almost the best bath bombs lush.

  • No sticky feeling
  • Hypoallergenic

  • Not very fragrant


Luna Love Naturals Bath Bombs

Luna Love Naturals Bath Bombs Review

Here you can find a gift box with 12 bath bombs that are individually wrapped. They stand out because they contain vegan and cruelty free ingredients. One of these components is organic coconut oil, used to soften your skin while you bath.

Several essential oils are also used in making these balls, that make them smell really nice and soothing. Some of the bath bombs may contain glitter but it’s the type used in cosmetics and not the ones requiring chemicals to dissolve in water.

  • Strong perfumes

  • Rather small


Enjoy Your Bath Time Bath Bombs

Enjoy Your Bath Time Bath Bombs Review

Enjoy Your Bath Time created a very special gift box that contains 24 bath bombs split in 4 smaller boxes. Each box has 6 balls individually wrapped, and they vary in color and scent. The perfumes come from rose and mint essential oils, but also lavender and lemon.

These bath bombs are specially created to float while they dissolve and make bubbles. The color of the water will also change. Some clients discovered damaged balls in their boxes, mostly due to shipping. Additionally, not everyone found the colors as being pretty.

  • Set of 24 bath bombs

  • Rather small balls

In place of a conclusion

Hopefully now you discovered some new moisturizing bath bombs to use in your bath, to also help you relax. Additionally you hopefully discovered some new brands to try out. And remember that if you don’t like the bath bombs you got, you can always gift them to someone who might like them more.

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