Best Tea Tree Oils

Tea tree oil is known for its many benefits, especially those related to healing various skin problems. However to make sure you’ll take advantage from them, you’ll have to find the best tea tree essential oil which sometimes is a real treasure hunt. If you’re new to this product, you might not know where to start searching for it, but don’t worry for we put together a short guide to the things to pay attention followed by a selection of tea tree essential oils to check out.

What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is also called melaleuca oil and is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, though several plants related to Myrtle and native to Australia and New Zealand received this name. The term can also be spelled as ti tree oil. This product should not be confused with the tea seed oil that is obtained from Camellia seeds and used as sweet seasoning.

These days, because of its increased popularity, the oil is manufactured from other Melaleuca species. These other species are found in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and even the United States. The liquid itself is either colorless or tinted pale yellow.

There are almost 100 total components in a melaleuca oil. The main component of the oil is terpinen-4-ol, that can be found in a percentage between 35 and 48. Most users of this oil are searching for a concentration of 45%, as it makes the best tea tree oil for acne and other skin problems.

Most of its users say that the high quality oil smells fresh and with a hint of camphor. If the smell is off or even rancid, it means the oil is old or that it is mixed with a different type of oil. Be aware that not everyone likes its scent, and to them it will smell off.

What can it be used in?

The tree is found in Australia and the natives there used it in various natural remedies. Most of these remedies were related to affections of the skin: herpes, dandruff, acne, scabies, and others. Modern medicine found no clear evidence of the effectiveness of this oil for any of the affections it’s said to heal. The testing has been done by comparing the oil to a placebo.

Despite this discovery, people continue to use it and there are many types of products in which you can find or use tea tree oil. Granted most of them are cosmetics, but some home cleaning solutions also contain it. You can either buy the products containing ti tree oil, or you can make your own if you want to know exactly what the product contains.

How to use this oil?

Among the top 10 tea tree oil uses a few are briefly mentioned above. Additionally,  you can add the oil to other products you already own and use, or you can make them yourself. Another way to use it, is to apply a few drops of the oil directly on the affected area, for a set period of time. Those who swear by it, apply it as is, on burns, areas affected by fungus or other skin infections.

If you’re not comfortable to use it directly on your skin, you can add a few drops to products you already use and are comfortable using. By doing so, you enhance their effectiveness. In cleaning products, the oil is used in the same manner.


You probably already know you’re not supposed to ingest the tea tree oil, however it doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe on your skin either. Some folks didn’t notice any improvement in the condition they tried to fix, or developed an allergic reaction to the substance. Children are even more sensitive to it than adults, so you better be even more careful with them.

Reading what others say about a product, will help you avoid experience some adverse reactions.  Even a single Healing Solutions essential oils review for instance, can be helpful for the purpose. These comments can even give you ideas for extra uses.

Not even your pets are safe from the oil. Both cats and dogs can be negatively affected by it, with some of them even died because of exposure. The adverse reaction in pets was noted after a high dose was applied externally on them. The signs of toxicity in pets can last for a few days.

A selection of ti tree oils

This the section you’ve been waiting for: our selection of some of the most praised tea tree oils that you can currently find on the market.


Naturenics Tea Tree Oil

Naturenics Tea Tree Oil Review

If you’re hoping to have a tea tree oil steam facial, try the product manufactured by Naturenics. The oil is certified organic by the USDA, and has many uses including helping your skin recover from adult acne, remove dandruff or flakes, heal nail fungus or act as an air freshener and purifier.

The oil can also be successfully used in cleaning the kitchen and windows, or during a massage to help fortify your body. This oil can be applied and massaged directly onto the skin once or 2 times a day for a month. You can also add a drop or 2 to your toothbrush before brushing for stronger, more healthy teeth.

This ti tree oil has not been tested on animals and does not contain anything else but tea tree oil extract. The oil has a pleasant pine smell that will soothe your senses, and is available in a glass bottle with a dropper.

  • Not tested on animals
  • Comes with glass dropper
  • Comes with metal roll-on container

  • Pretty small – 1 fl oz bottle


Eve Hansen Tea Tree Oil

Eve Hansen Tea Tree Oil Review

If you are looking for an organic and USDA certified tea tree oil, have a look at the one made by Eve Hansen. This tea tree oil is the perfect remedy against acne, nail fungus, as well as eczema and infections. The oil can be used on your scalp to get you rid of dandruff and flakes, but also in your home as a natural air refresher. The tea tree oil is cruelty free and made in the US, having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which promote a healthy skin.Do you want a tea tree oil large bottle? This one contains 4 fl oz that can be easily used thanks to the glass dropper. When using this tea tree oil as a nail fungus treatment, make sure to continue for 2 weeks to a month in order to achieve results. While most of past customers found the strong eucalyptus scent pleasant, a few reported the oil has an unnatural smell.

  • Glass dropper included

  • Mixed impressions


Essential Oil Labs Tea Tree Oil

Essential Oil Labs Tea Tree Oil Review

The tea tree oil made by Essential Oil Labs comes in a 4 ounce bottle with a glass dropper, which makes it easy to keep track of how much you are using. The oil is completely natural, organic and does not contain any synthetics or additives.

This tea tree oil is ideal to use for rashes, acne or eczema as it can improve skin conditions in a month’s time. Additionally, the oil can also be used against nail fungus, to prevent and treat infections as well as bruises. It can also be used as a natural cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom or as an air purifier, however in a different amount than when applied on the skin.

When applied on the skin, the oil is easily absorbed and does not have a smell as strong as the Majestic Pure tea tree oil. This melaleuca oil is cruelty free aa it wasn’t tested on animals.

  • Cruelty free
  • Dropper included

  • Mixed results


Nature Hue Tea Tree Oil

Nature Hue Tea Tree Oil Review

If you are looking for a fully natural and undiluted tea tree oil, check out the one made by Nature Hue. The oil is available in a 0.33 fl oz amber glass bottle with a cap and does not include any additives or bases. This product can be safely used even on sensitive skin to clear out acne, help fight infections and fungi, as well as to purify the air or clean the kitchen.

The essential oil was extracted using a steam distilled technique in order to keep all its properties. When opened, the oil is only slightly greasy and has a pale yellow color without a strong scent. When treating skin conditions, the tea tree oil should be applied topically with a q-tip or a cotton bud for best results. In addition to giving great results as a skin treatment and cleanser, the oil can also boost up your immune system before a surgery.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Includes a dropper

  • Small bottle


Healing Solutions Tea Tree Oil

Healing Solutions Tea Tree Oil Review

The Healing Solutions tea tree oil is available in a 0.33 fl oz bottle made of glass with an European cap. Although not organic, this tea tree oil is registered with the FDA and the brand offers a full refund to customers who aren’t satisfied with the product.

You will notice this oil gives off a fresh camphor scent, and it can be further mixed with many other oils, for a fully therapeutic tea tree oil session. However, previous customers noted the oil is not suitable to be applied directly on the skin due to not being 100% pure.

If you want to stay on the safe side, dilute the oil before use or apply only a drop or 2. If you notice any stinging or burning sensation, it is recommended you discontinue using it on your skin. This product can be safely used as a kitchen or window cleaner without any issues.

  • Has a dropper
  • Other scents available

  • Not organic
  • Not to be used on skin


Artizen Tea Tree Essential Oil

Artizen Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

The Artizen Tea Tree Essential Oil is advertised to be completely natural, undiluted and free of any additives. The oil is available in a bottle made of glass which protect the oil from losing its properties, as well as a dropper for convenient use.

The bottle has a size of 1 fl oz, which can be misleading for customers expecting a larger size. This tea tree oil makes for a great aromatherapy tool, however it is not recommended to be used on the skin without a base. Unlike other products, this is the finest tea tree oil as it’s clear in color and does not feel greasy when applied.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, the company offers a full refund. This essential oil can also be successfully used as a natural house cleanser or to help fight eczema, dandruff or toenail fungus.

  • Best for aromatherapy

  • Don’t use directly on the skin


Handcraft Blends Tea Tree Essential Oil

Handcraft Blends Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

If you’re someone who uses a lot of tea tree essential oil, a bottle of 4 fl oz with a dropper might be a really good deal. Both the bottle and the dropper are made of glass. The 100% pure tea tree essential oil by Handcraft Blends could become your next addition in the search for the perfect oil.

Although marketed at natural, some previous customers complained about the oil giving off an unpleasant smell and being less refined when compared to other tea tree oils. The oil has a free dropper which helps you control the amount you use.

Ti tree oil can be applied topically when fighting various skin conditions such as acne or scars, but it is recommended you dilute it first and stop using it if a burning sensation occurs. As this is one of the good tea tree oil brands, it can be used as a mosquito and ant repellent, as a room spray or in aromatherapy massages.

  • Good as repellent
  • Good for aromatherapy

  • Big bottle can go rancid faster


First Botany Cosmeceuticals Tea Tree Essential Oil

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

Here you can find a 1 fl oz bottle of tea tree essential oil that comes with a dropper. If you plan on using this product on your skin, you have to mix it with a carrier oil to minimize the risk of irritation. There are a handful of good carrier oils you can use, such as: jojoba, olive, almond, and even grapeseed.

Many folks used this product to treat nail fungus with good results. There are some people who use this product as a mouthwash as well. This oil can also be used in an aromatherapy lamp. For this purpose you don’t have to dilute it.

There have been reports that people received rancid oils. Others noticed the label of the bottle give conflicting information.

  • Good for cleaning
  • Comes with a dropper

  • Conflicting label information


Sun Essential Oils Tea Tree

Sun Essential Oils Tea Tree Review

This oil is marketed as a very good stress reliever, but it’s not meant to be used on the skin, rather in an aromatherapy lamp for the purpose. The bottle contains 4 fl oz of therapeutic grade tea tree oil, though larger bottles are also available. It comes with a dropper to help you use only as much as you think it’s needed.

Before ordering, be aware of the fact this is not an organic oil and it’s also not pure tea tree oil. While you could try and apply onto your skin, you must do so only after you diluted the product in some water.

Interesting to note is that other fragrances are also available from this brand, such as patchouli, lavender or even rosemary.

  • Comes with a dropper
  • Comes in a glass bottle

  • Not organic
  • May smell foul


Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Body Wash Review

Here you have a body wash containing a mix of natural oils, including Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus among others. These ingredients have been carefully selected to soothe sensitive and itchy skin. Additionally the selected oils are known to have other healing properties, such as fighting fungi and bacteria, and even ringworm.

Daily use is recommended for results to be noticed. This body wash doesn’t contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, petroleum, artificial dyes and perfumes, and not even silicone. Furthermore, the product hasn’t been tested on animals either. It can be used by both genders, too.

Despite all the natural ingredients used, some users might notice skin irritation due to the essential oils in it. While most users found the product to work wonders for their issues, some didn’t notice any change. At 9 fl oz, some folks thought the bottle being quite small.

  • Not tested on animals
  • Can help with Tinea Versicolor

  • Some folks might notice their conditions worsen
  • Can cause allergic reactions

Are you leaving already?

It is our hope that this short presentation helped you better understand the tea tree essential oil and its uses, and its side effects are not to be ignored either. According to the ratings and reviews, those are the best tea tree oil products currently available for purchase.

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